WebinarNinja Review – Cheapest Live + Automated Webinars?

In this WebinarNinja review we will fully answer 2 big questions – 

  1. Are the live webinar features any good? 
  2. How can you automate webinars with it?
  3. How affordable is it?

What is WebinarNinja?

Ninjas have always been smooth, yet powerful.

Likewise, the WebinarNinja webinar software has an elegant design and an intuitive user experience.

However, a few live webinar features fall below my personal expectations.

In this WebinarNinja review we’ll take a peek at the whole arsenal of features. 
How should a Webinar Ninja arm himself?

We’ll look at the pro’s and the con’s and ultimately – is the pricing worth your money?

Set Up Your Webinars Like a Ninja

Once you log in, you’ll immediately notice the clean and concise dashboard.

Your upcoming & previous webinars and your most important webinar analytics are right there at your fingertips.

WebinarNinja dashboard image
WebinarNinja dashboard

When you create a new webinar, it takes less than 30 seconds, because you literally just fill in the webinar name and set the date.

Everything else is set as default.

Once your webinar is created, it is not yet published.

Before you publish your webinar, you can change the webinar Registration Page and Thank You Page designs and customize the email reminders.

Automated and Hybrid Webinars

There are multiple types of webinars available in WebinarNinja. 

WN webinar types - Live, Pre-recorded, Automated, Hybrid
WebinarNinja webinar types - Live, Automated, Webinar Series and Hybrid Webinar

All these webinar types have slightly different features and are used for slightly different purposes.

Webinar VideoLivePre-recordedLive or pre-recordedPre-recorded, but host has to start manually
Event occurranceOnceRecurringOnce
Event timeSpecific date & timeSpecific date & time or Right nowSpecific date & time
Engagement with the hostLive chat, polls and Q&AEmail the hostLive chat, polls and Q&A if Live. email the host if pre-recordedLive chat, polls and Q&A

Which Webinar Type Should I Use?

Live webinar – Most common webinar type. Use this to create the most rapport with your audience and answer questions and connect with your attendees in the live video.

Automated webinar – A recurring pre-recorded webinar video. Use this if you have a perfectly recorded webinar video and you would have to run it multiple times per week. This is an awesome feature to run your webinars on auto-pilot.

Series webinar – Consecutive webinar videos, live or pre-recorded. Use this if you’re running a course. For example, the 1st introductory lecture can be pre-recorded and for the 2nd one you want live engagement with your attendees. Or vice versa. All attendees will be automatically registered to the entire webinar series.

Hybrid webinar – Pre-recorded webinar video, but live engagement tools. Use this when you have a pre-recorded presentation video. Launch the video and simultaneously launch polls, offers, answer Q&A or just chat with your attendees. This is your choice if you have a bit of a stage fright. 

The idea behind the Hybrid webinar is pretty great.

Best of both worlds – pre-recorded video presentation, but live audience engagement tools.

However, they could improve it further by allowing the host to switch to live video after the pre-recorded part.

As I was doing this WebinarNinja review, I ran a pre-recorded webinar video and wanted to switch to my webcam to answer audience questions.

I wanted to run the Q&A part on live video, to create a better connection with my audience. However, the webinar just ends as soon as the pre-recorded video ends.

The Webinar Registration Page Looks Clean

After creating your webinar (before publishing), you can change every aspect of your webinar funnel.

Webinar options dropdown
Webinar customization options

Despite the limited customization option, I like how the templates look clean, sleek and minimalistic. 

The clean design is something that impressed me through-out the WebinarNinja review. 

There’s the event time & date with a countdown timer, which will be shown to each attendee according to their own timezone.

All the essential webinar event info is displayed without any spammy distractions, so it draws attention to the call-to-action:

Webinar Registration Page template
Webinar Registration Page template editing

On the Webinar Registration Page you can: 

The customization options might appear limited at first, but in a way these limitations make sure the design keeps looking good on all devices and browsers.

You can also add:

For that you have to choose another Registration Page template. There are 4 layout options you can choose from:

One downside of WebinarNinja is that you can’t ask any custom questions during your webinar sign-up.

I like to ask my signups about what are their expectations towards this webinar and what are their struggles related to the webinar topic.

This helps me prepare and personalize the webinar for my attendees. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. It was one of the disappointing parts of the WebinarNinja review. 

Alternatively, you can generate a registration form you can embed on your page

Thank You Page Focuses on "Add to Calendar"

The main purpose of the thank you page is to clearly confirm that the registration was successful and to encourage them to add the event to the calendar. 

This ensures your registrants will actually show up

The „Add to calendar“ call-to-action is really clear and prominent in these templates:

Thank You Page "Add to Calendar" button
WebinarNinja: "Add to Calendar" button on Thank You Page

However, there are only 2 minimalistic Thank You Page templates available – one with an image, the other with video: 

Thank You Page template with video
Thank You Page template with video

There’s also an option to redirect your registrants to a custom URL after they’ve signed up for your webinar.

This custom Thank You Page could be your own website where you have more advanced tracking and lead nurturing setup.

This is also where you can ask about their expectations or other questions that help you prepare for your webinar.

Too Many Webinar Reminder Emails?

All the webinar emails are sent directly from the WebinarNinja platform.

That’s great if you don’t want to be bothered with the email designs or with setting up all the specific times when to send the reminders.

It’s all done for you!

WebinarNinja all the default emails
WebinarNinja: List of all activated default emails

By default there are 8 emails set up for you. Each live attendee will get at least 6 of them.

By default these email notifications will be sent:

  1. Right after registration
  2. 1 day before the start
  3. 8 AM in the morning on the webinar day
  4. 1 hour before the start
  5. 5 minutes before the start
  6. 2 hours after the end (different emails depending on if you attended or not)

In my opinion, this many emails can get a bit spammy, especially for the attendees who have clicked the „Add to calendar“ button at the Thank You page.

Kitten looking at spam
Kitty doesn't want any more emails

But that’s just my personal opinion I had while I was doing the WebinarNinja review. 

WebinarNinja claims they’ve tested it and this emailing frequency works best for maximizing live attendees.

Nevertheless, you might want to be careful not to spam your audience.

You can deactivate some of the default emails and add some of your own. 

WebinarNinja custom emails
WebinarNinja disabled default emails and custom added emails

You can segment your audience a bit. For example, you can schedule different webinar follow-up emails according to these segments:

For example, you could use this to create scarcity by offering a discount only to those who attended live.

The email editor itself is minimalistic, but has all the editing options you need along with the shortcodes (email tags):

WebinarNinja email editor
WebinarNinja email editor

After you’re done editing, you can save the emails as defaults, so you only have to configure it only once and all your future emails will have the same style.

Integrations with Email Platforms & Stripe

You can host Paid Webinars by setting up a payment integration with Stripe.

That’s a great option if you’re running a consultation and want to charge your attendees. 

If you’re looking to integrate with your email autoresponder, you can do that as well. WebinarNinja integrates with these 3rd Party Apps:

WN email autoresponders
WebinarNinja email autoresponders

If these are not enough, you can use Zapier to integrate with ConvertKit or any other app supported by Zapier.

Under integrations you can generate a Registration form.

This would be an alternative to the WebinarNinja default Registration Page.

You can design the Registration form and generate a Javascript code snippet that you can embed to your website.

WebinarNinja registration form generator
Generating a registration form Javascript snippet

Live Webinar - Go Live Prepared

Once you’re done setting up your webinar, just hit „Publish“.

When you’ve made your webinar Public, you can also add it to the WebinarNinja’s WebinarFinder (500,000 visitors / month), where all the public webinars are listed and anyone can discover and register for your webinar.

They’re also indexed by Google.

Great for racking up the attendee count.

To prepare your live webinar, there’s the „Webinar Studio“.

You can visit it before the webinar has started and set up some essential audience engagement tools that you’re going to need during your live webinar.

Slide Show Presentation

I love it that you can directly upload your slides into the Studio.

That way you can show your slides directly from there. That means your attendees will see the slides and texts with maximum quality.

Say goodbye to low-quality screen-sharing your slides.

However, you can’t preview your next slide. As a presenter, I want to have smooth transitions and seeing my next slide would help me do that. This feature is not here yet but will be in WebinarNinja 6.0.

Personally, I’m very hands-on and I like to show people my thoughts. That’s why I often look for a pen and paper to scribble a drawing. 

I would love to see a whiteboard tool that would allow me to draw arrows and circles on the slides to illustrate my points.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find such feature while I was doing the WebinarNinja reivew. 

Screen-sharing the Microsoft Paint works as well.

Webcam and Screen Layouts

As you’re sharing your slides, you can comfortably switch between your webcam and the slides, depending on what you want to emphasize.

WN live room layouts
Webcam and slideshow layouts

The layouts are pretty neat. Each one has the main screen and secondary screens and switching between them is pretty smooth.

For example, I’m sharing my slides as the main screen. Now, I want to switch to my webcam to emphasize my talking points or just to show something.

I can just double-click on the webcam video to bring it up as the main screen. 

That’s one of convenient shortcuts I discovered during the WebinarNinja review. 

WebinarNinja webcam and slideshow switch
Switching between slideshow and webcam as the main screen

I can add my shared screen to the mix. Here’s an example of how I would screen-share a product demo while my slides and webcam are still running.

WebinarNinja screenshare, webcam, slides
Screen-sharing + Webcam + Slideshow

There’s also an option to insert Youtube videos directly into the webinar.

Again, you don’t have to compromise the video quality by screen-sharing the videos.

However, the video playback is quite basic. If you want to take a moment to point something out, you can’t pause the video. You just have to talk over it or close it.

The playback issue goes unnoticed if you’re playing small clips in full length. So it’s not really an issue, just something to keep in mind.

On the positive side, there’s close to no lag at all on the webcam and shared screen video. I recorded only a mere 0.5 second lag, which is barely noticable.

Showing Polls and Offers

Ideally, I want to go into my webinar and have everything set up already.

I want to have my polls and offers pre-configured, so I can only focus on my presentation content and my audience.

I’m glad that WebinarNinja allows me to pre-configure the polls before I’ve even published my webinar.

WebinarNinja Polls
WebinarNinja: Pre-configuring a poll below the webinar video

What I didn’t like is that the poll is available right away to all my attendees as they join. 

That gives the WebinarNinja review a small penalty on my part. 

They even see a notification about it:

WN poll notification
Poll notification shown as soon as an attendee enters

As for the offers, you can launch offers at a specific time during your webinar, manually or automatically after x minutes.

That’s great!

It creates a sense of scarcity if it only becomes available half-way through the webinar.

There’s a clear title, description and a call-to-action button and I can customize all that.

WebinarNinja offer
Configuring an offer

But the positioning of the offers could be better.

They’re all the way down there, so my attendees have to scroll down to see them. 

This is one of the most annoying things I discovered during this whole WebinarNinja review. 

Luckily, in the WebinarNinja 6.0, the polls and the offers will be displayed in the right hand side, right next to the video screen.

Q&A and Chat is Fun Here 😀

One thing that immediately stands out is that attendees can easily add emojis in the chat.

This creates a free, less formal vibe, so attendees are more willing to start chatting away.

WebinarNinja chat
Chat sidebar

The Q&A is Separated From the Chat

That’s actually a good idea, because important questions might get lost in the busy chat box. The separate Q&A box helps to keep it separately.

However, if there are many questions, attendees can’t upvote which questions they want answered. Question upvotes will be added in WebinarNinja 6.0. Stay tuned 😉

Once you start answering a question, you click on the „Start answering“ button.

WebinarNinja start answering
Start answering a question
WebinarNinja stop answering
Stop answering a question

That’s actually great for replays!

During your webinar replay, these Q&A questions are displayed with a timestamp.

Webinar Replay attendees can just pick the questions they’re interested in and jump right to them.

WebinarNinja Q&A timestamp
WebinarNinja: Timestamp on questions (when host started answering)

Based on a Webinar Benchmarks Report by ON24 33% of your registrants will ONLY watch your webinar replay, so this is a pretty useful feature. 

Considering the importance of Q&A earns the WebinarNinja review a big plus point. 

Webinar Replay is Only the Video

WebinarNinja automatically records your webinars and stores them under „My Previous Webinar“ .

You’ll have unlimited storage for these replays.

You can also download your recordings as .mp4 file, so you can use it later as your pre-recorded webinar video or just upload it to your YouTube channel.

WN download webinar replay
Download webinar replay

Unfortunately, there are no engagement options during the webinar replay. Not even an option to email the host.

I was a big confused during the WebinarNinja review. Why have they disabled the emailing  feature during the replay. They clearly have that feature available for pre-recorded webinars.

All the engagements in general are shown right away in the replay. The entire webinar chat log is visible, the polls are all answered and even the timed offers are all visible right from the start of the replay.

So, forget about engagement during the webinar replay. It’s all one-sided.

On the plus side, attendees can pause, fast-forward or seek during the replay using the webinar replay playback controls.

Another useful feature for late birds who are skimming through the replay – jumping straight to the answers.

When the host takes a question during the live webinar, they press the „Start answering“ button.

This leaves a timestamp next to the question. So everyone watching the replay can just jump right to the answers they’re interested in

One of my favorite features from this WebinarNinja review. 

WebinarNinja Q&A timestamp
WebinarNinja: Timestamp on questions (when host started answering)

WebinarNinja on Mobile & Different Browsers

The webinar Registration Pages and Thank You Pages work flawlessly on most browsers and are all mobile responsive, as you’d expect.

But why “most browsers”?

As I was testing out different browsers during the WebinarNinja review, I had some troubles on the Webinar Registration Page with Internet Explorer 11. 

It actually registered me and showed both a success message and an error message. There were some other minor design errors for IE 11.

I did receive the ’Registration Successful’ email, but I couldn’t join the webinar with IE 11. It just kept loading.

However, IE 11 is a dying breed and I wouldn’t worry about it. Everything worked fine on Edge.

Attending the live webinar on my Android Phone is quite smooth, the video appears immediately and all the engagement tools are shown below.

WebinarNinja Android polls
WebinarNinja Polls on Android
WebinarNinja Android offers
WebinarNinja Offers on Android Phone

However, if I’d watch the whole 1-hour webinar as an attendee, I’d set my phone down somewhere in landscape mode for a hands-free viewing experience.

When I did that, I couldn’t see the Chat messages anymore. The whole chat log was blocked by my chat text input box. I couldn’t see the chat while my phone was on landscape mode.  

Overall, I’d give a good-enough thumbs-up for the experience on different browsers and devices.

WebinarNinja Analytics Dashboard and Data Exports

Webinar data lives here.

Some important insights your can learn in the webinar analytics dashboard:

How to Use the Data in Webinar Analytics?

If you’re running the same webinar on different occasions, you can try out different methods and tactics and see which one has a better effect on your audience.

For example, you can experiment with how and at what time you present your offer.

Or monitor the average webinar viewing time to evaluate how interesting or engaging was your presentation. And when did they leave? 

Most of the webinar analytics data is measured in averages. That means the data is not continuous, like in WebinarJam analytics

WebinarNinja analytics dashboard
WebinarNinja Webinar Analytics Dashboard

There are definitely ways to experiment and improve your webinars using this data.

Data Export to CSV File

You can track the poll results and export them to a CSV file.

There’s also an option to export the chat logs for each webinar.

The list of webinar attendees email addresses are also collected here. You can export them to a CSV file or send them directly to your CRM.

You can download: 

WebinarNinja Review Conclusion: is it Worth Your Time and Money?

To be honest, I think it is.

Let me explain why I think so.

Right from the start it creates an easy user experience with a seamless setup flow.

During the webinar setup, a lot is set up to default, for example:

That’s a smart move to make the webinar setup really low effort, but have the options to customize almost every part of the webinar funnel

All your created default templates will appear under the Media Library.

If you do want to customize them, you can do it once and they’re always used by default.

There aren’t too many design options for your registration and thank you page designs. However, you know that all of them are tested and work well on different browsers and devices. 

Another thing I started to like during the WebinarNinja review is their customer support chat. The chat is right there available for you at all times.

They also have an abundant knowledge base.

It’s clear that WebinarNinja is obsessed about customer experience. I’ve seen their staff comment and help people even off-site, on different review sites where people have commented on the product or asked for help.

This tells me that they really want to help you create awesome webinar experiences for your attendees.

WebinarNinja Review Summary: the Pro’s and Con’s

I would recommend WebinarNinja to anyone who doesn’t want to sweat too much about the technical details, just wants to be sure everything looks clean and cool.

Also, if you’re planning to run automated or hybrid webinars, then WebinarNinja is a great choice. 

If we compare it Demio and its prices, we’ll find that WebinarNinja is a lot cheaper for automated webinars

Here’s a summary of the most important pro’s and con’s:

Has Live, Automated and Hybrid webinars all in one platformEngagement tools show below. Attendees have to scroll away from your webinar video
Playing a lot on defaults. Easy to set new defaults and keep using them.No custom questions on the sign-up form
Clean design on Webinar Registration Pages and Thank You PagesNo engagement options during webinar replay. Not even emailing the host.
Insightful webinar analytics and file exports.Some bugs with less used browsers and devices
Rich webinar email editor and customized email scheduler.
Easy to switch between webcam and slides as the main screen during live webinar
Timed offers. Launch them at a specific time during the webinar.
Fast response customer support chat

WebinarNinja 14-day Trial

This WebinarNinja review is too short to describe all the details.

And to really get the feel of it, to get familiar with WebinarNinja, I suggest you try it out.

Try running 2-3 webinars and give it a shot.

Get your free 14-day trial, so you can test it out for yourself, risk-free.