22+ Best Webinar Software Platforms [Real Webinar Examples]

best webinar software

Hosting webinars is an increasingly popular marketing and sales strategy. It’s especially proven to be effective for B2B sales, high-ticket SaaS products and online courses.

One of the reasons why webinars are effective is because of the relative scarcity (have to register and attend at a specific time), the personal relationships the host builds with the audience and the educational value of the event.

Choosing the best webinar software is an important step to make sure you’ll maximize the attendance rate, truly engage with your audience, have the tools for a proper follow-up and learn the most important insights using the analytics dashboard.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Webinar Software?

Choosing the best webinar software depends a lot on your goals. In this review, we’re focusing on the marketing and sales aspects of webinar platforms.

We’ve carefully reviewed each webinar software based on the following 10 criteria:

    1. What types of webinars can you host? Can you host automated webinars? How easy is the setup?


    1. How much can you customize the webinar landing page? Can you customize the registration form? Is there registration page A/B testing included?

    2. Can you customize the emails using the email editor? How well can you schedule the webinar reminder emails to maximize the attendance rate?

    3. How well are the audience interaction tools (polls, offers, Q&A) features designed? Do they actually help you increase sales during the webinar?

    4. Does the video engine broadcast the best possible webcam quality without being laggy? Is there an on-demand customer support available?

    5. Do the presentation tools actually make the presentation easier for you? Does it have slideshow and video injections?

    6. Can attendees join with their mobile devices? Does the platform support different types of browsers?

    7. Can you automatically send the webinar replay to your attendees? Can they ask questions during the replay?

    8. Can you get analytics & insights about the webinar? What can you learn about your attendees and attendance? Can you export data?

    9. How fairly is the webinar software priced? Is there a trial available?

What are the Best Webinar Software Platforms?

Total Rating: 


WebinarJam is probably the most popular webinar software currently on the market. It’s greatly focused on marketing features and the live room is specifically designed for sales webinars. The customizability on the webinar registration pages is remarkable and the analytics dashboard is very detailed and insightful.

Example of a customized Webinar Landing page template
WebinarJam: Example of a customized Webinar Landing page template

WebinarJam Pros:

WebinarJam Cons:

How the WebinarJam live interface looks like for the host
How the WebinarJam live interface looks like for the host

When to Use WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is a very reliable webinar software and perfect if you’re committed to a long-term webinar strategy. WebinarJam is a reliable webinar platform, it has engaging audience interaction tools and great follow-up features. That’s why it’s the best webinar software overall. However, it only supports live webinars.

What’s the WebinarJam Pricing?

Even the cheapest plan gets you all the way up to 500 attendees, but it’s still very reasonably priced and you can have up to 2 presenters. However, there’s only annual pricing available. With the highest plan, you can go all the way up to 5000 attendees, so it’s very scalable.

(30 day full refund option with this link)

Total Rating: 


BigMarker is the best webinar software if you’re looking for diversity, flexibility and rich marketing features. It’s probably the most diverse webinar software on the market. You can literally host any type of webinar on it, for example:

  • Live webinars
  • Automated webinars
  • Evergreen webinars
  • On-demand webinars
  • Live streams
  • There’s even a 24/7 always-on webinar room

You can customize the landing page to your liking and add custom questions to it. The email reminders are diverse and flexible.

BigMarker Registration Page
BigMarker Registration Page Example

BigMarker Pros:

BigMarker Cons:

BigMarker Live Room Example
BigMarker Live Room Example

When to Use BigMarker?

BigMarker is for you if you’re an experienced webinar marketer. You want to run live webinars, automated webinars, evergreen webinars and live streams.

Webinars are a centerpiece of your marketing strategy and you want a reliable webinar platform with rich marketing features and excellent presentation tools.

What’s the BigMarker Pricing?

The cheapest package will get you up to 100 attendees with live and automated webinars for $ 99 per month. That’s actually a very generous pricing considering all these features are included.

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Total Rating: 


ClickMeeting is one of the most popular webinar platforms in this list, with a really intuitive and neat user interface. Another reason why users love ClickMeeting is because it has webinars and meetings on the same platform.

The live webinar room interface is well-built and every interaction and presentation tool is on the left-hand side, right at your fingertips. That really helps you in delivering your webinar presentation and engaging with the audience.

ClickMeeting Registration Page (attendee view)
ClickMeeting Registration Page (attendee view)

ClickMeeting Pros:

ClickMeeting Cons:

ClickMeeting Webinar Room (attendee view)
ClickMeeting Webinar Room (attendee view)

When to Use ClickMeeting?

You should use ClickMeeting when interacting with the audience is an important part of your webinar presentation. Also, when you’re aiming to re-purpose your live webinar recordings, edit them and turn them into automated webinars. ClickMeeting is also ideal for educational webinars, because of the live tests (with assigned scores to each answers) and the collaborative whiteboard tool.

What’s the ClickMeeting Pricing?

ClickMeeting has basically 2 packages. The “Live” package is for only live webinars. And the “Automated” package is for live and automated webinars, as you may have guessed. The cool aspect about pricing here is that you can choose your required max attendee cap, independent of your package.

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Total Rating: 


GetResponse is a fully-loaded all-in-one marketing platform. It’s originally an email marketing software, but their webinar features are a remarkable extension. When marketers build marketing tools, you’ll end up with an extremely useful and conversion-optimized software.

GetResponse Webinar Funnel Analytics
Example of GetResponse Webinar Funnel Analytics

GetResponse Pros:

GetResponse Cons:

GetResponse live webinar slideshow example
GetResponse live webinar slideshow example

When to Use GetResponse?

You’ll get the most benefit out of GetResponse if you’re also using it as an email marketing software. When you’re running webinars and your emails marketing campaigns on it, it’s a marketing powerhouse. For combining these two, it’s the best webinar software.

What’s the GetResponse Pricing?

To host webinars on GetResponse, you’d have to get at least the Plus package, which is only $ 49 / month. It also gets you the automation builder and up to 100 attendees. Not to mention all the email marketing features. 

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Total Rating: 


WebinarNinja is a super easy-to-use webinar software with a clean-looking user interface. The webinar setup takes literally 30 seconds. It’s a webinar software with a growing popularity and a reliable platform for many successful companies.

WebinarNinja Registration Page template
WebinarNinja Registration Page template 4

WebinarNinja Pros:

WebinarNinja Cons:

WebinarNinja live webinar
WebinarNinja live webinar

When to Use WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja is the best webinar software if you want to host live + automated webinars at a cheap price. If you care about a clean user interface and rich audience engagement tools, then definitely go with WebinarNinja

What’s the WebinarNinja Pricing?

The pricing on WebinarNinja is super affordable. The cheapest package is only $ 49 / month and will get you live and automated webinars with up to 100 attendees. That makes it one of the cheapest webinar platforms for live + automated webinars.

(14 day trial with this link)

Total Rating: 


Demio is the best webinar platform if your audience size is under 50 attendees. Demio is the preferred webinar platform for most start-ups and starting webinar marketers.

One of my favorite features about Demio is the focus tracking, so you can analyze when you gained or lost your audience’s attention.

Demio Registration Page with a video attachment below
Demio Registration Page with a video attachment below

Demio Pros:

Demio Cons:

Featured Action During Live Webinar
Demio Featured Action During Live Webinar

When to Use Demio?

Demio is the best webinar software for marketers who are just starting out with webinars. It’s also a popular choice among start-ups and coaching sessions. The rather small room size with the “Starter” package makes it a great choice for group coaching.

What's the Demio Pricing?

The “Starter” package will cost you $ 49 / month and will get you live webinars. The sessions are limited to 50 attendees and 3 hours, but that’s all you need when you’re just starting out. Once you feel like you need a bigger room, you can scale up to a 500-attendee room.

Total Rating: 


LiveStorm is a flexible webinar platform for live and automated webinars. One of the great features is the full webinar funnel customizability. You can add your brand colors and logo to make it personal. 

Another well-built feature for LiveStorm is the automated webinar workflow builder. It provides a very visual overview. 

Livestorm registration page
Livestorm registration page (attendee view)

LiveStorm Pros:

LiveStorm Cons:

Livestorm webinar presentation
Attendee view: Livestorm webinar presentation

When to Use LiveStorm?

It’s recommended to use LiveStorm when you need to host live and automated webinars and you frequently need to host 1-on-1 meetings with clients. With LiveStorm, you can get all that in one place. The live interface is well-built and smooth. It’s especially useful if your attendees are joining from different geographical locations, because there are plenty automated engagement options built in to live webinar replays and automated webinars.

What's the LiveStorm Pricing?

There is actually a free package on LiveStorm. However, the attendee limit is capped at 10, so it’s more like a forever free trial. To get up to 100 attendees, it costs $109 / month and that includes moderators and up to 4-hour long webinar sessions.

Total Rating: 


EverWebinar is the best webinar software platform if you’re looking to host only automated webinars. That being said, you can also host hybrid webinars, which mean you can be in the webinar session to chat with your attendees and add a live-ness element to it.

EverWebinar is built by the same company as WebinarJam, so its interface and features are very similar. If you’re looking to host live and automated webinars, these platforms integrate with each other seamlessly. But you can also subscribe to them separately.

EverWebinar registration page example
Registration page configuration on EverWebinar

EverWebinar Pros:

EverWebinar Cons:

EverWebinar live offer
EverWebinar Attendee view: Automated Offer launched + Sales notification triggered

When to Use EverWebinar?

It’s recommended to use EverWebinar when you’re already experienced with automated webinars. Once you’ve hosted a lot of live webinars, you know what works and what doesn’t. And now you’re ready to take your webinar marketing game to the next level by automating it. EverWebinar is the best webinar platform for automated webinars.

What's the EverWebinar Pricing?

All packages on EverWebinar include all the features. It’s just the difference of how long subscription are you ready to make. The “Installment” plan consists of 3x $199 through-out the year. The “Annual” plan is $499 for the entire year. And finally, the “Biennial” plan is $799 for 2 years.

Total Rating: 


LiveWebinar is a quality webinar platform that provides different types of webinar events and even meetings. The webinar funnel is conventient, but not very flexible. However, the live room is very well built – the host can entirely control the attendee webinar experience with interaction tabs

Attendee view: Registration form on LiveWebinar
Attendee view: Registration form on LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar Pros:

LiveWebinar Cons:

LiveWebinar room example
LiveWebinar webinar example with slideshow (attendee view)

When to Use LiveWebinar?

You should go with LiveWebinar if your webinar strategy involves live and evergreen webinars and you’re on a tight budget. Especially if you’d want to embed the registration form on your own website anyway. Since the registration page design options on LiveWebinar are a bit limited. However, the webinar room itself if very well designed – it’s easy to navigate between presentation tools and audience engagements.

What's the LiveWebinar Pricing?

The pricing on LiveWebinar is extremely affordable. You can get live and automated webinars with up to 100 attendees for just $14.99.  There’s also a 14-day trial where you can test out all the features and see if it’s enough for your needs.

Total Rating: 


ElasticWebinar is very new and fresh-looking automated webinar software on the market. The main keywords for ElasticWebinar are simplicity and sleek design. The automated webinar setup is fast, yet flexible. 

All the automated webinar interactions as well as the dyncamic attendee count can customized. 

ElasticWebinar registration page
ElasticWebinar registration page (attendee view)

ElasticWebinar Pros:

ElasticWebinar Cons:

ElasticWebinar offers
Offers in ElasticWebinar (attendee view)

When to Use ElasticWebinar?

Some of the best features for ElasticWebinar are the automated offers, becuase you can customize it exactly to match your brand. You can even add the urgency timer and a product image

ElasticWebinar also includes the webinar replay for attendees, which most automated webinar platforms don’t. Another benefit is that ElasticWebinar stores the webinar video file with no extra change. 

What's the ElasticWebinar Pricing?

The very generous offer is that there’s a Forever Free package on ElasticWebinar. That means you can test out the webinar platform for as long as you want. If you like the platform, we’d recommend the “Starter” package, which is $52 / month

Total Rating: 


The strengths of EasyWebinar is definitely the flexibility in terms on communication. You can customize every single line of text on any page of the webinar funnel, including the SEO titles and descirptions. 

Along with the translation features, you can virtually translate the entire webinar funnel into 100+ languages. EasyWebinar is also deemed to be one of the best webinar platforms for course creators. 

EasyWebinar registration page
EasyWebinar registration page (attendee view)

EasyWebinar Pros:

EasyWebinar Cons:

EasyWebinar webinar room
EasyWebinar live webinar room (attendee view)

When to Use EasyWebinar?

A really unique feature on EasyWebinar is that you can translate your entire webinar interface to virtually any language. That’s particularly useful if you’re hosting webinars to foreigners. You can also host automated webinars, where you can schedule any type of interactions, even offers. EasyWebinar’s user base overwhelmingly consists of course creators.

What's the EasyWebinar Pricing?

Even the cheapest package on EasyWebinar gets you live & automated webinars. It costs $78 for the Standard package if you go with a monthly subscription. If you opt for the annual one, you’ll get 3 months for free.

Total Rating: 


CrowdCast is your best platform if you’re aiming to host webinar and create a community around your video content and events. It aims to be a social network, so you can actually create a following for yourself or your brand. The benefit is that your followers always get notified when you have a new webinar coming up. 

CrowdCast landing page - attendee
CrowdCast landing page - attendee view

CrowdCast Pros:

CrowdCast Cons:

When to Use CrowdCast?

CrowdCast is an excellent platforms choice if you want to host webinars and livestreams. CrowdCast also has a social network aspect built into it. That means your fans can “Follow” you and get notified whenever you’re starting a livestream. You can tap into new audiences, because your webinar will be “Discoverable” from the CrowdCast homepage.

What's the CrowdCast Pricing?

CrowdCast is one of the cheapest webinar tools to get started on – the “Starter” package is only $ 20 / month and gets you up to 50 attendees. It’s even quite scalable, as the “Lite” package gets you up to 100 attendees for only $34 / month. This affordable pricing on CrowdCast makes it one of the cheapest webinar platforms.

(sign up with this link & cancel anytime, without charge)

Total Rating: 


GoToWebinar is the pioneer of webinar tools. They’ve been around ever since the beginning of online seminars. Through-out two decades, they’ve had the chance to improve their webinar video reliability

The downside is that their technological solutions (still requires download) and design (inflexible funnel customization) give out a smell of legacy. 

GoToWebinar Registration Page
How the GoToWebinar Registration Page looks like for the visitors

GoToWebinar Pros:

GoToWebinar Cons:

GoToWebinar live webinar example
GoToWebinar live webinar host view

When to Use GoToWebinar?

You should only consider subscribing to GoToWebinar if you’re not hosting webinars for marketing or sales purposes. If your webinar strategy is aimed at trainings or education, then

You should only consider subscribing to GoToWebinar if you’re not hosting webinars for marketing or sales purposes. If your webinar strategy is aimed at trainings or education, then GoToWebinar could be the right choice for you. However, if you aiming to sell products or courses, there are other alternatives – read about GoToWebinar and WebinarJam side-by-side comparison.

What's the GoToWebinar Pricing?

You should be careful when considering the GoToWebinar Pricing packages. The “Lite” package might appear cheap ($59 / month), but that package doesn’t include webinars, only webcasts. If you want to host webinars, you should go with the “Standard” package, which is $129 / month. That includes up to 250 attendees, which is more than enough. For automated webinars, you should go with the “Pro” package.

Total Rating: 


If you don’t really care about polished design or much flexibility, then MyOwnConference is the perfect choice for you. It basically ticks the most important boxes – landing page, polls, live offers, replay.

However, the live webinar room design is seriously lacking. But then again, it’s one of the cheapest webinar platforms out there. 

MyOwnConference Landing Page (attendee view)
MyOwnConference Landing Page (attendee view)

MyOwnConference Pros:

MyOwnConference Cons:

webcam full screen
Host presenting with webcam on the focus

When to Use MyOwnConference?

If you’re not concerned with the clunky design on the live webinar room and you’re looking for a cheap solution, then MyOwnConference might be the right choice for you. With a little bit of design sense, you can actually create quite nice-looking landing pages on MyOwnConference. Also, the Social Media registration is a unique feature that boosts your webinar registration rate.

What's the MyOwnConference Pricing?

There’s actually a free plan on MyOwnConference. It allows you to host live webinars with up to 20 attendees and 3 presenters. However, it’s more like a trial without a time limit. If you’re serious about webinars, you should upgrade and get up to 150 attendees and 10 presenters for $36 / month.

Total Rating: 


JetWebinar has a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the webinar setup. To be honest, it’s not very straight-forward or easy. However, once you learn how to use it, you’ll see it’s a very powerful webinar tool

jetwebinar registration page
JetWebinar registration page (attendee view)

JetWebinar Pros:

JetWebinar Cons:

jetwebinar webinar room
JetWebinar live room (attendee view)

When to Use JetWebinar?

JetWebinar is a great option if you’re aiming to host live and simulated webinars. And if you’d like to have a meeting software on the same platform. JetWebinar is clearly sales-focused, because of the multiple call-to-action offers you can configure and affiliate links for different promotional sources.

What's the JetWebinar Pricing?

The packages on JetWebinar are moderately priced. The “Standard” package is the first one with webinars + meetings included and it’ll cost you $59 / month. It includes up to 100 attendees and 5 panelists. If you really want to scale it up, you can even get up to 500 attendees and 10 panelists for $197 / month, which is quite a good deal.

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Total Rating: 


It’s immediately clear that Zoho ShowTime is built for interactive educational webinars. The registration page is simple and straight-forward, making it suitable even for teaching webinars for schools

Zoho registration page
Zoho ShowTime registration page (attendee view)

Zoho ShowTime Pros:

Zoho ShowTime Cons:

Zoho live webinar room
Zoho live webinar room (attendee view)

When to Use Zoho ShowTime?

The face-to-face sessions, different polling options and the ability to easily grant microphone permissions to any attendee make Zoho ShowTime a perfect webinar platform for educational webinars and virtual classrooms. Group coaching professionals and schools use Zoho ShowTime to host interactive webinars for children of all ages, for example. 

What's the Zoho ShowTime Pricing?

The pricing on Zoho ShowTime depends on how many users (or teachers) would you want to subscribe. Also, it depends on how many attendees would you be hosting. For example, the “Standard” package would get you up to 50 attendees for $10 per month. That also gets you 10 GB of storage.

(Get $100 worth of credits with this link)

Total Rating: 


Minimalistic design and a few powerful customization features sums up WebinarKit. It’s quite a new webinar platform and they’re making a name for themselves fast, since it’s gaining a lot of popularity lately. 

Despite the limited customization options, you can build beatiful-looking automated webinar landing pages with just a few easy steps. 

WebinarKit registration page
WebinarKit registration page (attendee view)

WebinarKit Pros:

WebinarKit Cons:

WebinarKit webinar room
WebinarKit webinar room (attendee view)

When to Use WebinarKit?

When all you need is a cheap and lightweight automated webinar platform, then WebinarKit is the perfect choice for you. It has a smooth and quick setup flow for the host, and seamless interface for the attendee as well. Attendees can engage and ask their questions and see your customized offer during the automated webinars.

What's the WebinarKit Pricing?

Currently, WebinarKit is a very new webinar tool and for that reason, they’re running a special promotion. You can get a lifetime access for only $67 – no monthly fees. This offer will probably expire soon, so it’s worth to try it out. It’s definitely one of the best bang-for-buck webinar software.

Total Rating: 


Stealth Seminar attempts to provide abundant customization options to the host. Unfortunately, it comes off as overwhelming and confusing. This webinar platforms has a bit of learning curve and is not suitable for you if you’re just looking for a quick setup kind of webinar software. There’s no visual overview either. 

However, once you get the hang of it, you can host automated webinars with simulated attendees and automated engagements. 

Stealth Seminar registration page
Stealth Seminar registration page (attendee view)

Stealth Seminar Pros:

Stealth Seminar Cons:

Stealth seminar automated webinar room
Stealth seminar automated webinar room (attendee view)

When to Use Stealth Seminar?

Stealth Seminar is mostly used for automated webinars. This webinar software has tons of customizability, so you can customize virtually anything about your webinar. The downside is that it takes a bit of learning to understand all the options, because the setup flow is slightly complex and not very visual. However, if you’ll take the time to learn Stealth Seminar, it can be an extremely powerful webinar tool in your arsenal.

What's the Stealth Seminar Pricing?

The first package on Stealth Seminar pricing is the “Starter Plan”, which will get you 150 simultaneous attendees on your automated webinars. Once you’re ready to scale up your webinar game, you can upgrade to the “Growth Plan” with 300+ simultaneous attendees and they’ll even give you unlimited SMS reminders to anywhere in the world and white glove phone support.

(60-day full refund with this link)

Total Rating: 


Zoom is the most popular online conferencing and meeting platform for businesses of all sizes. It’s been adobted by corporations and enterprises as the main platform for online meetings. 

It’s also perfectly suitable for internal company webinars and webcasts. However, Zoom Webinars is definitely not meant for marketing or sales focused webinars

Zoom Webinar Registration Page
Zoom Webinar landing page (attendee view)

Zoom Webinar Pros:

Zoom Webinar Cons:

Stealth seminar automated webinar room
Stealth seminar automated webinar room (attendee view)

When to Use Zoom Webinars?

It’s recommended to use Zoom for webinars only if your webinars are not aimed to support your marketing and sales efforts. Zoom is built to be a conferencing and online meeting tool, not a platform for sales webinars. That’s why there are no live call-to-action offers, conversion tracking or even basic landing page customization options. For a more detailed comparison, read the Zoom vs WebinarJam comparison

What's the Zoom Webinars Pricing?

If you want to use Zoom for Webinars, you first have to get the Zoom Meetings Pro plan for $14.99 / month. In addition to that, you’d have to get the Zoom Webinars add-on for $40 / month. That basic package gets you up to 100 attendees. That means you’ll be paying a total of $54.99 / month to host webinars on Zoom.

Total Rating: 


In case your audience is largely on YouTube or Facebook (rahter than e-mail list), then OneStream is a better choice for you. You can’t host traditional webinars on it, since there’s no registration necessary. 

If you’re aiming to stream content to your followers on Social Media platforms, then OneStream is one of the best platforms available for that. 

onestream schedule view
OneStream scheduling (host view)

OneStream Pros

OneStream Cons

OneStream analytics dashboard
OneStream analytics dashboard

When to Use OneStream?

It’s recommended to use OneStream if your website is not your strongest marketing channel. Instead, your audience is mainly on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. The true strength of OneStream is social live streaming and interacting with your audience on a platform they’re already comfortable on. It’s also possible to schedule pre-recorded videos and stream them to multiple channels at once.  

What's the OneStream Pricing?

OneStream even has a free plan. However, it’s limited 5-minute streams. To get 1-hour stream time per sessions, it’s recommended to get the “Standard” package. That also gets you 20 GB of recording storage and up to 15 scheduled streams.

(no cc required with this link)

Total Rating: 


To be fair, Kajabi is a powerful platform for webinars and email marketing. However, if you just need a platform for live or automated webinars, it’s just simple too expensive. Though, the registration page builder and exit-intent pop-ups help to increase your webinar conversions. 

Kajabi registration page
Kajabi registration page (attendee view)

Kajabi Webinar Pros

Kajabi Webinar Cons

Kajabi live room
Kajabi webinar live room

When to Use Kajabi Webinars?

Kajabi is actually a full-fledged marketing platform with a built-in website builder and email marketing automation software. So, using Kajabi for your website builder, email marketing and webinars would have the benefit of having all your marketing efforts in one place. Another important benefit for Kajabi is the very visual and flexible pipeline builder.

What's the Kajabi Webinars Pricing?

The pricing on Kajabi is quite expensive because it just includes email marketing and webinars in one platform. The “Basic” plan starts from $149 / month and gets you a website, unlimited marketing emails and unlimited webinars. There are only 3 pipelines you can build with that plan. Upgrade to the “Growth” plan for
$199 / month to get up to 15 pipelines for different webinars.

(30-day money-back guarantee)

Total Rating: 


In general, Adobe has some innovative and powerful tools, especially when it comes to design tools like PhotoShop and XD. It seems they took a really wrong turn with Adobe Connect. It’s without a doubt the worst webinar software I’ve ever tried. It’s confusing and seriously outdated. We can’t recommend this. 

Adobe Connect registration form
Adobe Connect registration form (attendee view)

Adobe Connect Pros

Adobe Connect Cons

adobe connect live webinar room with slideshow
Adobe Connect live webinar room with slideshow

When to Use Adobe Connect?

The only case when we can honestly recommend Adobe Connect is when you host online training webinars, where you’d need to take remote access of an attendee’s computer. The host can “Request control” and the attendee would have to approve that request. That’s a unique webinar feature for Adobe Connect.

What's the Adobe Connect Pricing?

To host webinars with Adobe Connect, you’d have to upgrade to the “Webinars & Learnings” package, which includes 100 attendees and costs $130 / month. Considering the clunky user interface in the webinar setup and the live webinar room for the attendees, I’d say it’s too expensive. However, that’s the only webinar platform I’ve found that has the remote access feature. So, if that’s what you need, give it a try. 

Best Webinar Software for Marketing and Sales

When choosing the best webinar software platform for marketing or sales, it’s important to have an attractive landing page that converts registrations. The webinar landing page should be flexible enough to enable you to communicate the value of your webinar, either by inserting bullet points, an image or a video.

Once you get people to sign up, you have to keep reminding them about your webinar. The best webinar platforms have the option to customize webinar reminder emails. Schedule the emails at least 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar starts. It helps if you add a custom message to get your registrants excited again.

During the webinar it’s critically important to engage with your audience. Your webinar software should the essential audience interaction features:

You can be certain that you’ll tick all the boxes if you choose WebinarJam. Grab your trial with the link below:

Best Webinar Software for Small Business

Small businesses need to have reliable tools to create a trustworthy image for clients. That’s why the best webinar software for small businesses focus on reliability and scalability.

Often small businesses also need to host internal meetings, so the video conferencing platform should include webinar and meetings. The webinars for small businesses could also include internal video conferences, so it’s definitely important to have a handout file sharing functionality built in.

Almost all small businesses aim to be big businesses someday. And it’s important to track your webinar metrics, learn and use the knowledge to grow. That’s why it’s vital to have an insightful webinar analytics dashboard at your fingertips. At the very least the webinar tool has to track the landing page conversion rate, email lists and engagement during the event. 

The most versatile, reliable and scalable webinar software for small businesses would be BigMarker, because it simply meets all the criteria, because you can:

Best Webinar Software for Education

When choosing the best webinar platform for education, a whole other set of features are important. There’s a lot more emphasis on feedback and collaboration. When hosting webinars for training, the attendees have to be able to give more input and get evaluated by the host or teacher.

That’s why it’s important that the webinar software for education would have live tests with scoring. Attendees can answer a series of questions, where each correct answer would reward them points.

A collaborative whiteboard tool is another relevant tool for visual and hands-on learners. Often students need to feel like they contributed to the end results in order to learn something.

Training webinars with smaller groups will benefit from the “Make presenter” feature, where the host can give temporary webcam & microphone access to any attendee. That way the attendee can speak their mind or present their work.

The best webinar platforms for education also have a Q&A feature, with upvoting. That’s how students can learn by asking their specific questions and the teacher can answer. That creates a dialogue, which is great for learning.

At the end of the webinar, students can evaluate the webinar and leave feedback to the teacher. That’s a great way for the teacher to improve upon the next educational webinars.

The students would automatically receive the slideshow materials and the webinar session replay to revise. All these features are possible with ClickMeeting. That’s why it’s the best webinar software for education.

The Summary of Best Webinar Platforms

There are a lot of aspects you can consider when choosing the best webinar software for you. First, you have to consider what’s your target audience – is it students? Colleagues? Or sales prospects?

After establishing your target audience, set goals to your webinar. If you’re just looking to educate your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your niche, you need to consider engagement features. However, if you’re looking to market and sell your products, keep your focus on the live offers and automation features.

Take your time with this process. Choosing the best webinar software to achieve your goals can literally make or break your efforts. Consider the pros and cons above and choose a webinar platform which has the features that support your goals.