Let’s talk about webinars. 

I believe webinars are one of the most effective, personal and yet a scalable ways of getting people’s attention and selling products and courses online.

Thanks to webinars, your audience can see your face, hear your voice, ask questions and understand your thought process in real time. That’s valuable. That’s what helps to build a stronger relationship with your audience. 

Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks that are stopping small business owners and marketers from achieving expected results with webinars. Starting from anxiety, lack of preparation or not choosing the right webinar platform. 

My goal here is to share my practical experience and help you become better at running webinars.

In addition, I will share the most accurate, up-to-date and honest analysis to make the right decision when choosing a webinar software

I’ve already spent hundreds of hours testing and reviewing nearly all the webinar platforms out there and I have a ton of useful insights and learnings to share with you.

I sincerely hope my guides and reviews help you become better at running webinars.

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Erkki Muuga
Creator of WebinarSoftware.org

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Choosing the right webinar software is an important step. 

We’re helping you to pick the right one for you

by writing detailed webinar software reviews and guides.